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Dec 15,2021 Getting Started with Email Marketing Automation
Getting Started with Email Marketing Automation.
What is Email Marketing? And why do companies need it?
Email marketing is the form of email that helps companies grow their businesses by introducing products and driving engagement with audiences.  Usually, audiences are accustomed to using emails for many reasons eg. applying for jobs, contacting friends, communicating with professors and supervisors, requesting information, internships, and scholarships.
What is the benefits of Email Marketing? 
Email marketing is the most effective marketing method. The open rates of the emails are the things that indicate whether this campaign is successful or not. Mostly, email marketing has an average of 40% open rates which has the most impact on audiences compared to other marketing methods. Moreoever, audiences are more likely to have a higher percentage of getting the key information that they need! And Sendpalm supports all companies with the strategy to reach audiences.
What does SendPalm provide?
Email Templates 
Easily choose one of SendPalm professionally-designed email templates and customize the color palette, then input website URLs to let audiences click and get through website. Mostly, if we have well designed email templates, it will attract most of audiences at first glance.
Marketing Automation 
Automation is the 24/7 support system and the tool to help companies manage multiple campaigns and saves time.
Create by Email Online Builder
How does it work?
Pop-up Subscription Forms: audiences subscribe to companies ' websites.
Bulk Email List Verification & Cleaning: 
1. Email Marketing Campaign: start sending them the first greeting letters to introduce companies and offer support.
2. Also, in this step, after we have numbers of audiences subscription, SendPalm helps you identify the subscription email is valid/invalid/risky/unsubscribed to reassure you that the email that has been sent is cost effective.
What is valid/invalid and risky emails? 
Valid emails: This can verify that your audiences have filled their real emails. The benefits of it are automatically allowing us to track their data, e.g. How many times do they visit our websites? / how long they stay etc.   
Risky emails: “Risky” email addresses are those that have low quality or low deliverability. They may exist but are currently facing technical issues that show very low engagement in that mailbox.
*in some circumstances: some emails get into junkmails or bins after delivered.
Invalid emails: This can verify that audiences' subscribed emails are not valid as they might be filled with wrong letters/numbers etc. It helps you effectively send emails to the person, and save your cost of spending on the unreal audiences.
Unsubscribed: In some circumstances, audiences might not want to subscribe to your websites again. In this case, SendPalm always sends them the last email to apologize to them that the emails might interrupt them and thank you for having subscribed to us. This is a very kind method to keep a good relationship with your audiences.
Email Tracking
a method for monitoring the delivery of email messages to the intended recipient. It monitors the opens and clicks of emails to follow up with leads, audience, partners. metrics such as opens and clicks are generally cobbled together from other web tracking technologies.
Email Automation
You can start sending them the second email to start engaging with them e.g. Sent them coupon cards, travel cards, internship positions etc. We have a time system to support you sending them the second letter, which means after you send the first letters usually you can customize the setting time to send the second letters by yourself e.g. Within 30minutes/ 24hr laters/ 2 days later etc. This letter is to let them know that you still want to contact them!
Note: this is the example step of how this email automation works. However, in the first email you can also send them the things they most wanted eg. Discount coupons, travel cards etc.
Drag and drop builder
Our drag-and-drop builder helps you easily get your social media photo without opening your social apps! You can go to your right side and there will be shopify, Twitter, Instagram icons. You can register through this and all of the photos on your social accounts will be showing. That means you don't have to open anymore tabs! It saves a lot of your time!
Sendplam provides a new Campaign builder functions e.g. Email online builder, classic editor, plain text, HTML code Editor.
For email letters, sendpalm provides customized templates for audiences to use according to different purposes. We also provide example texts and photos to make it easy to use.
How to create by Email Online Builder?
1.After selecting one template, click (select&preview).
2.Preview template (select color tone) and compose.
3.Sendplam creates a user-friendly templates editors allows users to edit subject, add on section, text, logo, icon, and even add new URLs buttons.
4.Email setting: select email recipients lists. And write the company's name and emails.

*Note: this function allows you to edit your information/ save& preview your email or send a test preview before sending Campaign to reassure your email is well-checked.
Create by Plain Text Editor
Easily write email to inform audiences and click "next" to finish your Campaign. This type of email is mostly used when you want to inform information for your audiences.
Create by HTML Email Editor
The HTML editor gives you full design control over your emails and email templates. The use of a subset of HTML to provide formatting and semantic markup capabilities in email that are not available with plain text: Text can be linked without displaying a URL, or breaking long URLs into multiple pieces.
All of audience insights data.
Apart from email templates, marketing automation, drag-and-drop builder, SendPlam also have a full back end service that provides you a full analysis including geography, acquisition and engagement per campaign.
Benefits: these actionable insights will help you get the full picture of your audience eg. how many times they open your emails, detect the error emails, bounced rates. After knowing all of these insights, we also provide strategy analysis to help you better improve engagements
SendPalm Emails
Case study of how individuals/companies are doing sales, by looking at their email campaigns.
Example 1: A writer that usually sends update of new chapter of his book to readers.
Example 2: Internet Company
Create by Classic Editor
Go to the create by classic editor, write your subject, and customize the email header image (optional). The Classic editor has lots of customized functions and allows you to write emails more professionally.
Thank you for reading.
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