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Never miss an opportunity to connect with people when it matters, so you can turn shoppers into loyal customers.

Build stronger relationships

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Unlock e‑commerce automations

What does SendPalm marketing automation do?

All the ways you can automate your marketing

  • Welcome series emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Products recommendations
  • Product retargeted emails
  • Reward customers with special sales, offers, and promotions.
  • First purchase emails
  • Order notifications
  • Product followups emails
  • Customers re-engagement
  • Website visitors tracking

Marketing automation takes care of details so you can focus on the stuff you love

Connect with your customers and drive growth with email automations. SendPalm can easily set up single-step automations or build scalable, adaptable customer journeys that reach your customer when they expect to hear from you.

It helps you understand your customers

This makes your interactions with them richer—and more profitable. Eighty percent of customers are more likely to buy from brands that offer customized and relevant experiences, according to a 2018 report.

It lets you implement complex strategies

Being strategic with your marketing communications isn’t just about reaching out to your contacts repeatedly—it’s about considering and mapping out when interacting with potential shoppers or customers will be most meaningful.

It lets your team focus on higher-level tasks

Automation solutions are becoming more prevalent in digital marketing, helping marketers be more efficient. And by automating some of the manual, repetitive tasks that they normally have to do themselves, they’re able to focus on the more rewarding aspects of their work and the strategic side of lead nurturing and customer retention.

It saves you time and resources

Marketing automation can help you save time, improve engagement, optimize your marketing and benefit your bottom line with workflow automation. It gives your customers personalized attention with thoughtful, authentic messages that sound like you’re writing to a friend, whether you have a hundred fans or millions of them. You can use merge tags in an email so that it starts with the customer’s name, for example, or you can reach out to people on big days like birthdays.

Start for free

It’s easy to get started. And it’s free. Two things that are pretty great.

Powerful email marketing delivered

Email marketing software to reach your audience

Create responsive designs, customize messages, deliver emails to inboxes, trigger automated workflows, and connect with new customers — SendPalm provides the toolkit to meet your email marketing needs.

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Email marketing for ecommerce businesses

Connect your Shopify store with SendPalm Campaigns and send purchase followups to increase sales, trigger abandoned cart messages for unfinished purchases, and inform customers about your store’s promotional discounts.

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